We are a Positive Behaviour for Learning school.  PB4L is all about teaching children the right behaviour, just like we teach any other subject at school.

“If a student does not know how to read, we teach
If a student does not know how to swim, we teach
If a student does not know how to multiply, we teach

If a student does not know how to behave, we teach.”

Positive Behaviour for learning is bringing the whole school together to focus on creating a positive school culture, where students feel safe, so that they can focus on their learning and achievement.

PB4L means that teachers, students and the school community will work together teaching appropriate behaviour and learning school expectations so students know exactly what is expected of them. 

Students who take responsibility to behave positively and follow the three school behaviour expectations, will be recognised and rewarded in a variety of ways. 

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R.A.P Postcard.jpg

Our school-wide behaviour code, known as R.A.P stands for Respect, Attitude and Perseverance.  They underpin everything we do at Dominion Road School.

We give out 'RAP Awards' throughout the week to students when they are showing respect, having a positive attitude or persevering.  In assembly each week the RAP Awards are added up to see which house has the most and that house then has their flag up the flagpole the following week.  Eight names are also drawn out at random during assembly and those students and get to come and select a prize from our 'prize box'.

During the year staff may also send home a R.A.P postcard acknowledging the actions of a student.  If you receive one of these, please speak with your child about it and celebrate with them.

Please feel free to discuss our behaviour code with your child(ren) and what type of things they could do at school to show they are living this code.  It is also a great way to discuss your own family codes or values with your children.  We have RAP Goals for each fortnight every term, these are readily available at school and are discussed by the House Captains in each assembly.  We encourage you to ask your children about these and how they might achieve those goals, both at school and at home.