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At Dominion Road School we endeavour to provide the students with a wide range of sporting, cultural, innovation/STEM and arts opportunities.

The students are Dominion Road School are able to engage in many enrichment opportunities such as International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) exams, a range of cultural groups, music groups, the EPro 8 Challenge and MindPlus.

We also have a Waihanga Wāhi (Creator Space) where students can create, invent and learn.  Opportunities in our Waihangi Wāhi include using STEM-based tools such as robotics, coding, drones, and Makey Makeys.  Along with being a space for performing arts, such as choir and playing ukulele.   We also value the importance of teaching and providing opportunities for our students to develop soft skills such as, problem-solving, collaboration, communication, curiosity, empathy and perseverance. 

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