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Mā pango, mā whero ka ōti te mahi

Through collaboration we will achieve.

Dominion Road School (He Maunga Teitei) is an innovative, fun and exciting school that has high engagement and excellent learning outcomes for all students.  Our learners have the ability to question, enquire, and problem solve and have enthusiasm for learning. Students are taught, and develop the skills  of being curious, creative, and collaborative, while strengths and passions guide their direction for the future. Our students have a strong sense of self and their own identity, which enables them to thrive in our dynamic world.

Students have agency and ownership over their learning.  They are able to self monitor and navigate around spaces according to their learning needs.  Goals, knowledge and assessment are transparent with students being able to show evidence of their learning, and talk about it.  They have a clear idea of their academic and social next steps. This is facilitated by teachers providing constructive feedback. Students actively create their own learning and knowledge; they are not passive recipients.  


Our staff are innovative, open to change and willing to adapt their teaching practice to better meet students’ needs. Nevertheless, we still build upon their learning foundations.  We work collaboratively across teams and classes, with shared planning and everyone working together, without reserve. Our open conversations to form common goals and aligned values enable a cohesive direction between teacher collaborators.


Our professional learning combines best practice and innovation that is targeted and needs based, with staff also exercising agency by choosing their professional development  and being encouraged to follow their passions. School-wide professional learning is doable, realistic, authentic, manageable, and achievable in the classroom. The availability of resources supports innovation, with teachers being able to attend professional conferences and workshops with release or in their own time .  Mentor experts within the school and outside facilitators build up leadership skills, while maintaining balance and realistic expectations. Experts put into practice what they are doing, demonstrating their strategies and ideas for us. Systematic and ongoing reflection both individually and schoolwide is used to refine our practice as we move towards our shared common goals.


We take a holistic view of learning, teaching children personal responsibility and specific strategies that help build their wellbeing.  Dominion Road School is a safe environment where success is celebrated and mistakes are seen as an opportunity. Staff have a growth mindset for themselves and the students, at our school. We build positive attitudes towards learning, where children think for themselves. Building high trust relationships is essential for transparency between teachers, parents and students.  We value communication that is simple and clear. Parents are welcome to ask for clarification anytime in our welcoming environment.


Ko tātou he kura angitu.  Our school integrates Te Reo Māori in all curriculum areas and fosters strong tikanga. There is training and support for staff so they have the capacity to teach Tikanga and Te Reo Māori. We value and build connections with our community to develop strategies by responding to what students, whanau and iwi need. Our school fosters connections and uses them and our students as resources.  At our school, we are inclusive of all cultures. The fabric of our culture in any space values students identities and gives them opportunities to share their knowledge.


Dominion Road School is a positive, happy environment.  A place where staff, students and the community genuinely want to come. Everyone has something to contribute towards children’s education, and this is greatly respected.   Happy children. Happy staff. Happy learning.


We are united by a clear and shared vision statement.

Mā pango, mā whero ka ōti te mahi

Through collaboration we will achieve.

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